A native of Miami Beach, Darren Genet has been making films since he could hold a camera…He spent years mentoring in the commercial world with acclaimed directors such as Samuel Bayer, Marcus Nispel, Michael Bay and Tony Scott before entering the world of narrative filmmaking. Having received his MFA from the American Film Institute, his work has earned two Television Academy Awards, a nomination for the prestigious ASC Heritage Award, and has been honored twice at the Emerging Cinematographer Awards. His body of work in features and television with directors such as Chris Columbus, Francis Lawrence, Jonathan Levine, Tucker Gates and Ed Bianchi has earned him an invitation to join the ranks of the prestigious American Society of Cinematographers. Over the years, his work has garnered attention from publications such as The Hollywood Reporter, Variety, American Cinematographer, and The New Yorker, having been praised as “luminous”, “provocative”,”lyrical” and “masterly.”

Darren’s eclectic career as a director continues to evolve, helming network episodic television shows such as Warner Brothers’ THE VAMPIRE DIARIES and THE ORIGINALS, music videos featured on MTV worldwide and national commercial spots. His capsule collection of short films MUSE debuted at Cannes and was featured in Vanity Fair magazine. Current feature projects in development include his adaptation of the cult novel CAR from celebrated Southern Gothic novelist Harry Crews, Hasidic noir thriller/comedy THE GET, adaptation of the best-selling YA horror novel THE SAME PLACE BUT DIFFERENT, and sci-fi dystopian-future thriller X-THEORY.