MUSE in The Hollywood Reporter

Made in conjunction with Maker Studios, the three MUSE films follow a photographer (played by Louis Oberlander) who is in love with his muse (Graham). The Vampire Diaries star and her oft-director Darren Genet aimed to evoke the tones of film noir, French New Wave and street photographers like Sophie Calle and Saul Leiter. The […]

ICG Magazine

“Generation Next” 2011 profile DOWNLOAD FULL ARTICLE

KINGS in The New Yorker

KINGS “The masterly camerawork pulled me along. There were great shots that reminded me of comic book panels…the cameras do it in “Kings”; in a good way, watching the show is like reading a comic book.”

THE HUMAN CONTRACT in The Hollywood Reporter

THE HUMAN CONTACT “Highest praise to her [director Jada Pinkett-Smith] technical team, especially cinematographer Darren Genet for his luminous sheen and provocative compositions…”

ALL THE BOYS LOVE MANDY LANE in American Cinematographer

“‘Lyrical’ is a word that might not typically be used to describe a horror movie, but All the Boys Love Mandy Lane owes as much to Days of Heaven as it does The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.” DOWNLOAD FULL ARTICLE


“Beautifully shot in widescreen, visuals have been fashionably dirtied up…” –Todd McCarthy  

SOUTH OF HEAVEN in Twitchfilm

“South Of Heaven is a visual marvel, loaded with incredibly stylized shots and broad swaths of primary colors. Like Dick Tracy, the visual world of South Of Heaven is a 1950s comic book brought to life on the big screen…” — Todd Brown